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Here you can share your STD treatment stories and read others' stories. All these shared stories were contributed by real people. We hope that you find their stories helpful and informative.

Share your story to help others now - it can even be anonymous!

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Try to stay stress free
I have been positive for approx 22 years and I can honestly say I have tried every herb on the market and nothing works well for me but Valtrex. I have been ta...     For detail, click here.
Pharmacist recommended and research confirms
HSV genital from gf decades ago. Went dormant for years when I was young. First real job out of college was stressful and I started to break out. Tried it all...     For detail, click here.
Hello Everyone. Has anyone heard of this Herpesyl tablet that cures herpes?
I have never been told that I have herpes, just a dormented std virus. I had a small swelling under my penis. So the doctor said we will treat it like herpes....     For detail, click here.
Get active if you are asymptomatic!
From Nov. 2019 to March 16, 2021 I asked three times for updated sexual health advice and STD testing. My S.F. Kaiser obgyn did NOT test me for herpes (or hepat...     For detail, click here.
Get antibiotics from a doctor if you contract Chlamydia
After contracting Chlamydia I had burning during urination and white discharge. I immediately went to the doctor and got tested. While I was there they also ga...     For detail, click here.| Privacy Policy | Contact us | Help/Faq
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